Diorama Iqaluit LX40

The story of flight LX40, a Swiss 777-300ER, HB-JND diverted to Iqaluit and undergoing an engine change in the Arctic – a showcase exhibit at Airmail Flugzeugmodelle in Oberglatt.

It started with the loss of the left GE90 engine on the flight from Zurich to Los Angeles on February 1, 2017. The cockpit crew, the crews of LX 7002 and 7003, the crisis intervention staff in Zurich, the Swiss mechanics on site and their colleagues from GE, the local community from Iqaluit, Canada mastered this diversion and subsequent engine change with great professionalism, competence, care for the passengers and a little bit of luck in admirable fashion.

This event was widely covered in aviation but also news circles. It has inspired us to dedicate a model exhibit in our store to this event. Changing the world’s largest engine in the Arctic within one week with excellent teamwork. Swiss 777-300ER, HB-JND, Antonow 124 UR-82007 and the scenery are shown.

Peter Wyss, a Swiss model builder has crafted this exhibit. Peter, thanks for your excellent work. Peter Wyss is building models and sceneries on request. You may contact him via our store.

Enjoy this exhibit, the information panel and much more in our store while you visit us.